Seasonal Pre-Ordering

That Designer Wholesale provides our customers the opportunity to Pre-Order the latest and next fashion trends with all of the brands we offer. We offer seasonal pre orders for both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

All of our registered partners and customers will receive the catalogs to place pre-orders when the order window’s open.

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering Designer Clothing with us, please Click HERE to become a partner or subscribe to our email updates. You can also Click HERE to contact us to register your interest.

We find it easier for our larger customers to place pre-orders so we can manage expectations, delivery timescales and packing requirements.

Aside from Pre-Ordering, we also offer Never out of Stock / Core ranges for most brands and receive in season offers. If you are interested in this please let us know, or visit our NOS-Order Portal to place smaller in-season orders.