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Thank you for placing an interest with That Designer Wholesale. In order to order branded wholesale clothing please do the following;
  1. Access Order page in order to submit and interest and receive our stock list.
  2. After receiving our stock list, have a look at our styles and available stock in your country.
  3. Email us to place an order at
Thank you, That Designer Wholesale Team
Yes, we have business accounts with different couriers to cover all international locations. Some stock is only available for sale in certain territories due to trademark law.
In short, we can supply anyone. Currently, we supply a range of individuals and businesses, including; – Retailers with multiple brick and mortar retail locations. – Online retailers. – Catalog companies. – Independent store owners, both online and off. – Wholesalers. – Independent online retailers, eBay and Amazon sellers.
For most stock we do not have a minimum order, however this will be discussed when you send us your enquiry regarding your purchase.
We are a United Kingdom based company. Our company details including VAT can be found at the bottom of our website.

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