Are your products real/genuine?

Absolutely. Everything that we stock, sell and advertise is 100% genuine. All of our products that we sell have been authorised for sale by the brand manufacturer. We are a publicly listed company, which you are free to check on the UK Government website; Companies House.

Where are you based?

We are a U.K. based company, our company details can be found on the ‘contact us’ page of our website.

Do you have a minimum order?

For most stock we do not have a minimum order, however this will be discussed when you send us your enquiry regarding your purchase.

Who do you supply?

In short, we can supply anyone. Currently, we supply a range of individuals and businesses, including;

– Retailers with multiple brick and mortar retail locations.

– Online retailers.

– Catalog companies.

– Independent store owners, both online and off.

– Wholesalers.

– Independent online retailers, eBay and Amazon sellers.

Will you ship worldwide?

Yes, we have business accounts with different couriers to cover all international locations. Some stock is only available for sale in certain territories due to trademark law.

Sounds great! How do I order?

Please create an account with us to view prices. Then, send us an email at sales@thatdesignerwholesale.com / fill in the form on our website to place an order.

How to access shop page?

Our shop is available to public / everyone. However, it is limited to functions, such as prices. In order to unlock shop functions please login or register an account.

How to buy wholesale stock?

There are a few methods of purchasing from That Designer Wholesale. A short guide is available on ‘How to buy wholesale stock?‘ page.

I can't see prices / Please log in to see prices.

Our shop is limited to the public. Please register an account in order to be able to see prices. If you have already have an account please make sure you are signed in. Otherwise, register an account.


We are sorry, we didn’t answer your question. Feel free to make an enquiry using our form below. One of our representatives will answer your question as soon as possible. Thank you!

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