Methods of buying stock

We’d like to thank you for having an interest in purchasing our wholesale stock. We’d like to kindly inform you, that we only sell genuine (licensed) stock that can be resold. You can view our stock or enquiry about our stock in three ways:

Method A) Visit our wholesale shop and see the stock on website. Then ‘Add to Cart’ and follow procedures.
Method B) Subscribe to our newsletter. Note: your account is automatically subscribed to our newsletter upon registration, if you want to send us your email again for newsletters, please open your browser in incognito or private browsing [or clear cookies (about cookies)] and refresh our website, a popup will come up and ask for your name and email. After showing interest in a specific wholesale stock, reply via email to our offer.
Method C) Email us directly on
Method D) Use the contact form to submit your interest.

How to buy our stock online on the website?

1 – After having a look around at our stock, you need to let us now of your interest.
2 – Show your interest by emailing us at or use our live-chat feature to let us know or any other methods of communication. Otherwise just ‘Add to Cart’ and follow the screen instructions. If you do not see prices, please visit ‘How to see wholesale stock prices’ page and follow instructions as per page.
3 – We will get back to you with available stock, prices and other details.
4 – If we have an agreement, we will send you an invoice to pay. We accept major methods of money transfers as well as online payments such as Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and others.
5 – Your order will be immediately processed and your will receive your tracking code in moments.
6 – For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or even give us a call.


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