All items are brand new, authentic and as described. Sales are considered business to business (B2B) and are Final. Once an order is placed it is confirmed and cannot be changed. The property and title of goods shall remain in the name of That Designer Wholesale LTD until payment is made in full. If such payment is overdue in whole or in part, That Designer Wholesale LTD reserve the right with or without prior notice at any time to retake possession, of the whole or in part the supplied goods and may enter upon any premises occupied by the buyer without prejudice to any of his rights.

That Designer Wholesale also written as; us, we, our company, TDW – are names related to our companies.

Companies: That Designer Wholesale Spain SL Registered in Spain B42839886. That Designer Wholesale LTD Registered in England & Wales 10667378. That Designer Wholesale Netherlands BV 8270962
Customer: the buyer, contracting party
Stock: product sold by us and purchased by the customer

Shipping/Marine Cargo Insurance is not provided unless the buyer asks That Designer Wholesale LTD to purchase this at an additional cost.

Once the goods leave leave the warehouse and are handed to the shipping agent (i.e DPD/Fedex/TNT etc) The goods are the buyers responsibility. If you did not purchase additional insurance and the goods are lost or damaged, That Designer Wholesale will not be able to be held accountable. You are welcome to supply your own insurance, however again, we will not be held accountable once the goods have left our warehouse.



These terms and conditions regarding your use of the Site constitute a legally binding agreement (“agreement“) between you and thatdesignerwholesale.com, (“That Designer Wholesale“, “we“, “us” or “our“). In this agreement, the terms “Site” or “Web Site” includes all web sites and web pages within as well as any equivalent, mirror, replacement, substitute or backup web sites and web pages thereto and thereof. The Site may also contain links or references to additional rules, policies and terms which may apply to specific features or functions of the Site and when you use those features or functions, those rules, policies and terms will also apply to you and form a part of these terms and conditions, and consequently, your agreement with us.

This Site is offered and made available for private use if, for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, please discontinue using the Site immediately, because by using or attempting to use the Site, you are agreeing to be legally bound by this agreement.

The words “use” or “using” in this agreement, means any time an individual (a “user“), directly or indirectly, with or without the aid of a machine or device, does or attempts to access, interact with use, display, view, print or copy from the Site, transmit, receive or exchange data or communicate with the Site, or in any way utilizes, benefits, takes advantage of or interacts with any function, service or feature of the Site, for any purpose whatsoever. This agreement does not cover your rights or responsibilities with respect to third party content or sites or any links that may direct your browser or your connection to third party sites or pages. This is the entire and exclusive agreement between you and us regarding use of the Site and it cannot be modified, except as specifically described below in Section 2.

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1. Registration

Please read our Privacy Statement, which describes how we collect and use your personal information. The website thatdesignerwholesale.com currently does not require registration to use, however, our Catalog located on catalog.thatdesignerwholesale.com require registration. For the purposes of this website the only registrations that we will require is in order to send you notifications of upcoming stock or sign up you to our news section. We will not share your information with any third parties other than the ones mentioned in our privacy policies for the purposes of delivering you the information requested.
we reserve the right to monitor, edit or disclose any information about your use of the services on the Site and/or such contents, if we believe such action is required by law or is necessary to protect and defend our rights, to enforce this agreement, or to protect the interests of our members and others. The amount of order storage space per user is limited. Some orders may not be processed due to space constraints or limitations. We assume no responsibility for deletion of orders.

2. Modifications

We reserve the right, at any time and from time to time, for any reason in our sole discretion, to change the terms of this agreement. We will post or display notices of changes on the Site and we may also e-mail you about these changes. Once we post them on the Site, these changes become effective immediately and if you use the Site after they become effective it will signify your agreement to be bound by the changes. You should check back frequently and review the terms and conditions of this agreement regularly so you are aware of the most current rights and obligations that apply to you and the terms and conditions of your agreement with us.

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5. Rules of conduct

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6. Disclaimer and limitations of liability



7. Shopping/resale

All e-commerce on the Site is brought to you while supplies last. We have no responsibility or liability whatsoever for goods you purchase via our website for resale or for services you may obtain from or through our website, other web sites, web pages, or online auction sites. Nor are we responsible for assisting you in correcting any problems as a reseller you may experience with the resale of our items online, or in person.

If a Product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for that Product, whether or not the order has been confirmed shipped and even if your account has been charged (in which event we will issue a merchandise credit to your account in the amount of the merchandise charge less shipping costs).

Orders placed and confirmed “pending” by our system are current and valid orders for the published price provided on that purchase order to customer. Price adjustments will not and do not apply should an item go to specials markdown, price match, or price adjustments be made for any products offered for sale including any and all discount codes and adjusted shipping offers.

Our creation or transmission of an order confirmation does not signify acceptance of your order, nor constitute a binding confirmation of an offer to sell any Product and we reserve the right to accept or decline your order for any reason up until the time the Product is actually delivered to you. We reserve the right at any time, without prior notice, to limit or reduce the quantity you ordered of any Product and we will notify you if we do so. All orders placed over £500 must obtain pre-approval with an acceptable method of payment, as established by our credit and authorisation policies and practices in effect at the time of your order. We may contact you and require additional information from you before we grant such pre-approval. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or seek the return of any Products that are purchased in violation of the foregoing restrictions.

You are responsible for any taxes imposed on the sale or use of Products and applicable taxes will be added to the amount charged for Products purchased on the Site.

If an order consists of multiple items, they may be shipped separately depending on availability.

8. Idemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold That Designer Wholesale, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, representatives and suppliers, harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, losses, expenses, damages and costs (including reasonable lawyer’ fees), resulting from any breach or violation of this agreement by you. That Designer Wholesale reserves the right to assume, at its sole expense, the exclusive defense and control of any such claim or action and all negotiations for settlement or compromise, and you agree to fully cooperate with That Designer Wholesale in the defense of any such claim, action, settlement or compromise negotiations, as requested by That Designer Wholesale.

9. Privacy

That Designer Wholesale respects your privacy and the use and protection of the personal information (including any personal information you provide as part of the User Information you give us). Please see our Privacy Statement for important information and disclosures relating to the collection and use of your personally identifiable information in connection with your use of the Site.

10. Supply Agreement

10.1 Supply and Purchase of Products. That Designer Wholesale will supply and Customer will purchase the stock (the “Products”) in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

10.2 Orders and sales are considered business to business (B2B) and are final. Customer can not return an order unless not as described in the Orders Agreement.

10.3 Orders Agreement.  Orders are made via email in writing or otherwise specifies in writing. Each Purchase Order customer agrees to Product, Stock Quantity, Price per Unit or Price per Order, Delivery terms and conditions. You may not change any orders submitted and paid for.

10.3.1  Permissible limit or limits of variation in. That Designer Wholesale Ltd reserves the right to + (plus) or – (minus) 10% tolerance to Stock Quantity or Product Description. For example if ordered 5000 pieces, 10% tolerance is allowed either up to 500 extra or up to 500 less. Similarily 10% to Product Description and that includes but not limited to colour, features, details. You will not receive compensation, refund or damages. We reserve the right to be 10% inaccurate. Note: Vast majority of orders are 100% exact and accurate.

10.4 Delivery. Delivery times are estimates, That Designer Wholesale Ltd is not liable for late delivery charges, not liable if delivery is late. Customer can not cancel order if the order has left our warehouse or if the goods have been ordered with the brand on a NOS order or Pre Order. We will always aim to deliver the stock to the customer on the estimated date or time given to you for your order.

10.4.1 Delivery. Goods can be shipped from UK or Spain. It is up to That Designer Wholesale to choose the location it is delivered from. Import duties and or any other taxes are not That Designer Wholesale Ltd’s responsibility.

10.5 Shipping Insurance. We are not liable for the acts made by the shipping company. You may purchase Insurance in order to receive compensation. Any discrepancies/shortage claims/damage claims must be notified within 24 hours starting at 9am on the day after the goods are delivered if Insurance purchased through That Designer Wholesale Ltd and our Insurance Providers. After this period That Designer Wholesale Ltd is not liable.

10.6 Acceptance of Delivery and Inspection. Customer may not be able to make claims related to the order after 24 hour period. After the period the customer implies that the order has been inspected and accepted. The contract has came to an end.

10.6.1 Inspection Proof. Inspection must be documented, photographed and filmed by recording of moving visual images. Inability to produce proof will revoke the right to claim compensation, damages or seek refund from That Designer Wholesale Ltd.

10.6.2 Credits. If That Designer Wholesale LTD issues a credit note for whatever reason, the note is only redeemable against a future purchase. That Designer Wholesale do not issue refunds. The credit note has a redeemable period of 12 months from issue.

10.7 Attorney Fees. If either party brings an Action to enforce their rights under this agreement, the prevailing party may recover its expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred in connection with the Action and any appeal from the losing party.

10.8 Force Majeure. That Designer Wholesale Ltd will not be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

10.9 We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason without notice.  – Contracted or not.

10.10 A Late payment admin charge of 10% of your total order value applies where payment is outstanding for more than 7 days.

10.11 That Designer Wholesale does not usually cancel orders once confirmed. On occasion if an order is approved to be cancelled by That Designer Wholesale following a request by a customer, a restocking fee will apply of up to 20% of the order value. The amount will be set by TDW based on whether the goods were packed, how long we were waiting for payment and other general factors that may increase our costs.

The parties forming a contract agree that the law of England and Wales will govern the performance and interpretation of the agreement and disputes arising under it.

Last update: 4th of August 2023